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About Us 

Here at ChilliSauce, we specialise in the classic funny tshirt, some random and pointless t-shirts but mainly funny t-shirt designs. Most of the designs on our site are ChilliSauce employee creations, but some design ideas come from you, our customers. So if you think you've got a great idea, send it our way.

If you've got any suggestions, questions, or comments about our products or our site, send us a quick email at

Company Number - 6921350

Although we have a fantastic customer service record occasionally things can go wrong, and we will do everything in our power to ensure your experience with us is an enjoyable one so please use the contact us page to send us an email and we will reply within 3 hours.

We want to help you find that perfect t-shirt and have the best possible experience with us.

Disclaimer: All t-shirts are Independent designed featuring licensed photos and artworks from independent sources. They are not officially endorsed or connected with any of those people and companies depicted within or anybody affiliated with them. All names for identification only. The Hooters, Mountain Dew, MTV, Nintendo logo's are all registered to their companies. - The UK's Hottest Online T-Shirt Store

What’s Hot?
If you love staying bang on-trend, or want to get a gift for a particularly stylish buddy, your best bet is to click through to our fab
Top 25 T Shirts page, where you can feast your eyes on a mouth-watering selection of our most spicily delectable designs.

Now, for the jalapeno on this hot tamale! Our awesome T Shirt configurator: not only can you find brilliantly unique designs throughout our website, but you can customise your selection to take into account your preferred style, colour and size: what is this madness?!

With so many options available, if you can’t find the right tee at Chilli Sauce, you might as well take up naturism, because you could end up hunting for a very long time!

What’s Cheap?
It’s possible to feel cheap on the inside without looking that way on the outside: no, we aren't talking about anyone’s self- esteem here, but how the jaw-dropping, head-spinning bargains that can be plucked from our
Cheap T Shirts section will make you feel – i.e. cheap and cheerful! 

This section of our website is a magical Aladdin’s cave of tees where cheap doesn’t mean nasty and where some of our rarer, end-of-line designs can sometimes wind up: go on, have a look today and see what bargains you can find!

What’s Funny?
As one of the biggest suppliers of

funny t shirts

on the web, you can be sure to find a rib-tickling, side-splitting selection of tees at each corner of our website: whether you like dangerously rude designs, clever slogans or chortle-inducing shirts with a retro vibe, Chilli Sauce have you covered.

What if I Have a Great Idea?
Chilli Sauce T Shirts are always eager to add new designs to our growing collection: if you have a brilliant idea for a design, why not share it with us?

 If your idea for a funny tee is suitably hilarious, we will:

Add your design to our collection
Give you a mention on your t-shirt’s page
Send you over a brand-spanking-new print of your successful design, totally free!

Drop us an email at: to have a go!